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Ready to start drinking water at the drop of a hat? Introducing Waterdrops and their water-enhancing drink cubes! All you need is a fresh cup of water and these conveniently made to fit in any size bottle neck, plant based cubes will dissolve into your water almost instantly! 

Waterdrop is here to encourage everyone to start drinking more water daily! Three friends; Martin, Henry and Christoph got together with a question; why wasn’t there an enjoyable beverage enhancer that doesn’t use any plastic and is small enough to fit into any size bottle neck? 

Realizing that they could become the answer to their question, these three like minded friends pooled all their ideas together in the spring of 2016, and put them into a very small, but impactful product; the microdrink, which contained the best fruit and plant extracts compressed into the shape of a cube! Of course, it took not just these three friends, but a whole collection of people working together on an incredible vision of making drinking water as easy as breathing! Waterdrop’s values of sustainability radiate through their products and the solution it plays when it comes to bettering our planet by refraining the use of excessive packaging and lowering CO2 levels by eliminating the overuse of transportation! At Waterdrop, their mission is for everyone to live both a long and sustainably healthy life, and that includes not only drinking more water, but also the state of our planet too! It’s time to start loving drinking water all over again with Waterdrops innovative water-enhancing cubes! 



Waterdrops are made with simply the best and highest quality extracts of fruits and plants, all finely compressed into a small cube that you can watch dissolve like magic into a fresh cup of water! Revolutionize your water drinking habits with Waterdrops plant-based, low calorie water-enhancing cubes!