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This is Whole30® own line of Whole30® approves sauces and condiments, along with other brands that have been Whole30 approved.

Firstly, what is whole30? Well, whole30 is a diet that involves eliminating certain foods from your diet for 30 days. These foods could cause inflammation, food reactions, or unwanted cravings. Millions participate in a Whole30 meal plan and have seen a change in their daily lives. So, what is Whole30®, the brand? Founded by Melissa Hartwig Urban, whole30 was a 30-day diet that she herself had blogged about back in 2009.

Now, a renowned and well-known program that has helped many start new, healthy habits within 30 days. Getting back to eating real, good food is what Whole30® is all about. Melissa encourages that everyone tries this diet at least once. The whole30 diet has been shown to improve energy and sleep, relieve symptoms associated with certain foods, and can eliminate cravings. Whole30® makes their own line of Whole30 Approved sauces and condiments (which Natura Market is now carrying), as well as endorse brands that have products that are also Whole30 Approved. Their line of sauces are free from added sugars, vegetable gums, fillers, artificial flavours, and contains Certified Humane eggs.

Melissa was sure to pour her heart into each and every bottle of dressing. Along with her numerous Whole30 Approved recipes, these sauces are a welcome and delicious addition to her roster. Your Whole30® journey can be a simple and tasty one. Designed with you in mind. Try these 5 salad dressings and dipping sauces today!