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WholeMe isn’t just a company name, it’s our motto. Business as usual? Not on your life. We are an authentic, gutsy, and active company driven to create delicious, nutrient-dense foods that nourish our whole selves. We believe in good food and good health, and we believe you shouldn’t have to choose one over the other. Our passion is creating curiosity in living through purveying truly healthy and delicious foods! We only use ingredients you can trust in our food. Healthy fats, natural sweeteners and nothing else. At WholeMe we pride ourselves in using only a handful of ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce. Our products are grain-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO verified and free from many common allergens.While many other food companies shy away from fat – and opt for its carbohydrate rival, sugar – we celebrate it. The fat in our products comes from nuts, seeds and organic coconut oil – all of which are a clean source of nutrient-dense energy to fuel your active, on-the- go lifestyle. Our products are free of preservatives, artificial syrups and other nonsense, but are certainly NOT free of flavor. Sweetened with real foods like honey, maple syrup and vanilla, there’s no shame in that extra helping. Our sweeteners work to stabilize blood sugar, providing a longer and steadier source of energy. Just as they should.