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Wicked Foods

Ready for some real Wicked Foods? Wholly plant based, Wicked Foods are the perfect, sustainable foods that unleash the full potential of plants and earth’s natural yields and resources so feel free to indulge on a food that’s better for the planet and to everyone that calls it home!

New England-born brothers and chefs Derek and Chad Sarno pooled their ideas together and embarked on a journey to explore the full potential of plants so that people can enjoy a more plant-filled life! Although they’d come from different personal backgrounds, they both realized that they had a similar mindset when it came to plants and how to integrate them into one’s lifestyle and using their lifelong experiences of working in kitchens, teaching cooking classes, catering events, and working on vegetable farms, Derek and Chad worked tirelessly to polish and bring their shared dream to life. Thus, with their wickedly good concept and recipes, Wicked Foods was born with the planet and us in mind!

No more compromising on deliciousness for health and vice versa, Wicked Foods creations marry these two in their plant-based greatness and if you’re anything like Derek and Chad, who’d both grown tired of having a salad as the only vegan option in restaurants, then Wicked Foods is just the thing for you! Packaged conveniently in meal cups and made sustainably, these plant-based meals are easy to make and high in protein and fibre, thus making it not only an easy meal to make but also a filling one!   




Wicked Foods plant-based meals are high in protein and fibre and are the perfect, filling meals that you can make easily–just by adding boiling water! Almost instant and full of plant-based goodness, these meals are wicked when you’re craving for something delicious and easy to make!