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Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Tea Kombucha

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Wild Tea Kombucha began in 2015 as a result of Canadian Olympian Emily Baadsvik's love and passion for kombucha. Made in Calgary, AB, with the accomplished health inspector, Bridget Freel, by her side, it has rapidly grown into a full-fledged, woman-owned and operated fermented beverage company. They’re dedicated to making delicious and approachable kombuchas that are always organic, full of probiotics, and naturally low in sugar. With unique spins on classic flavours, Wild Tea Kombucha continues to innovate and rethink the way we expect kombucha to taste by producing the most delectable, unpasteurized, naturally-fermented kombuchas on the market. They challenge the norms and change common misconceptions about kombucha. Lovingly designed and hand-crafted for both the kombucha curious and the kombucha trailblazer. Wild Tea Kombucha is truly one of the leading innovators when it comes to kombucha products and flavours. Take walk on the wild side!