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Yi Shi

Here at Yi Shi, we believe that nourishing your body with healthy food should be celebrated every day. We have thoughtfully formulated oatmeals with superfoods, protein, and fibre, and combined them with delicious Asian-inspired flavours to truly give you something to celebrate about!
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Launching in 2019, after Lin Jiang was tired of the lacklustre, bland, and sugar-laden oatmeal options available on the market, she decided to start making her own. With flavours inspired by her mom back in China, Jiang wanted to share her heritage and the unique Asian flavours that she grew up loving. In every bowl of Yi Shi oatmeal, you'll find superfoods, protein, and fibre to promote balanced energy and whole-body wellness. Full of nourishing ingredients and functional foods that have been thoughtfully formulated, we have a flavour with ingredients specifically tailored for each purpose, whether it's to glow, focus, energize, strengthen, or relax. Food is medicine – it’s time to give your body the respect it deserves! The name Yi Shi is based on the Chinese word for ritual. The name is representative of the company’s mission–nourishing your body with healthy food should be celebrated and looked at as a special event rather than just a routine daily occurrence. These are small moments from every day that deserve celebration.