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Yumy Bear

Yumy Bear

Juicer, softer, and so much sweeter. Yumy Bear creates delicious vegan gummies that are free from artificial sugars or sugar alcohols. High in fibre, but low in calories and sugar, this is one sweet treat!

Tired of expensive and unhealthy candy options, Vancouver-based entrepreneur, Erica Williams set out to change the confectionary world. What started out as a passion for health and fitness, has grown into one of her sweetest business ventures yet, Yumy Bear.

Yumy Bear creates affordable, low-sugar, high-fibre, vegan gummies that also taste amazing! Using pectin instead of gelatin, this completely plant-based candy can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank or ruining your diet. Juicier and softer than your regular gummies, each bag contains less than 3g of sugar and is naturally sweetened without any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols like stevia. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this is one delicious way to sweeten up your life!