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Zimt Chocolates

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Proudly and powerfully vegan, this chocolate company is on a mission  - to do as little harm as possible, while also creating high-quality, ethically sourced vegan confections that melt in your mouth with deliciousness. What started as a dream in a home kitchen, Zimt has come a long way. This Canadian-based company now makes their chocolate and confections in a vegan factory based in Vancouver BC. Made from ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients and sweetened with coconut sugar and coconut nectar, Zimt chocolates are dairy-free, decadent confections with a purpose - to satisfy your sweet tooth, while also being kind to all humans, animals and the planet. That’s why their packaging is biodegradable and compostable as well (even their plastic packaging!). A chocolate company that cares about creating delicious, vegan treats while also minimizing its overall impact on the planet is something that truly takes the guilt out of indulging!