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Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder, 2.64 lbs

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This biodegradable, all-natural laundry detergent comes in a concentrated powder that deep cleans while staying green. Charlie’s Soap is formulated with biodegradable, natural mineral ingredients that get the job done, without harming you or the environment in the process. This hypoallergenic formula is tough on odors and stains, and is completely free of abrasives, fragrances, dyes, or bleach. In fact, it’s so powerful you can get big results with small amounts: Use just one tablespoon per large load to clean all your laundry, even hi-tech fabrics and delicates. Enough for 100 loads!


All natural washing soda, sodium silicate, and coconut oil based detergents.

Reviews For Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder, 2.64 lbs

Excellent product!

1 month ago

Natural, great on clothes and washing machine. Never going back to another detergent!

- Em

Alternative. & Simple

4 months ago

Have been using Charlie"s for a few years. Simple, effective, has been hard to get. Pleased to find it at Naturamarket. Will purchase again.

- John B

We've been using this soap for 10 years

1 year ago

It's always great to find a retailer in Canada willing to be the distributor for Charlies soap - this stuff is absolutely awesome. While it might not be the the absolutely strongest soap out there by itself (but when paird up with their natural bleach solution - takes care of everything!) it is the easiest, most condensed soap out there - biodegradable and most importantly, does not irittate my family's skin (we all have sensitive skin). If you want a soap that is does not leave a super strong perfume smell or irritate your skin - this is the soap for you.

- Mark A

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