KOYO Gluten-Free Instant Cup Noodles Spicy Szechuan, 58g

Why You’ll Love It
This isn’t just your typical instant ramen. KOYO’s spicy gluten-free cup noodle is infused with a delicious blend of peppery spices and classic flavours reminiscent of Szechuan street food. Made with organic noodles, whether you're looking for a healthy alternative to the same ol' bowl of ramen, or just looking for a tasty way to warm up on a cold evening, this vegan instant noodle soup will leave your tastebuds tingling and begging for more!

Rice ramen: Organic Rice Flour Soup: Rape, Tofu, Chili Sauce, Salt, Black Fungus, Scallion, Maltodextrin, Green Pepper Powder, Corn starch, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Chili Powder, Pepper Powder, Guar Gum.

Contains: Soy.