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Nuco Original Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, 237ml

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GMO Free

Fair Trade

Sourced Direct From Farmers

Sustainably Farmed


Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil is produced from organically grown coconuts. High potency is achieved through a purely physical process that removes most of the long chain fatty acids, without the use of any chemicals. The result is a crystal clear coconut oil that contains no trans-fatty acids or cholesterol and remains liquid even at 45 degrees Fahrenheit. With over 90% concentration of MCFAs, including Lauric Acid, Premium Liquid Coconut Oil has more than 25% more MCFAs than Virgin Coconut Oil. It also has a much lower melting point which allows consumers to use the product in a greater number of ways. Other applications include its use as a food supplement, or as an ingredient in health, industrial and cosmetic products.


non-gmo coconut oil.

Reviews For Nuco Original Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, 237ml

Makes life super easy.

8 months ago

Love pourring and massing this in my salads, or when im quickly roasting some veggies. It's so much quicker having it be liquid, and the flavour is awesome!

- Stefany

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