Nutiva Organic Hazelnut Spread Dark Chocolate, 369g

Why You’ll Love It

Dark chocolate meets toasted hazelnuts to create this creamy vegan dark chocolate hazelnut spread. Made from a base of organic oils like coconut oil and sustainable palm oil, this spread transforms any toast, dessert, yogurt, smoothie, crepe and more! This decadent, rich, dark chocolate spread has 40% less sugar than competitors and a dose of omega-3s, medium-chain triglycerides, and lots of plant-based fibre. With many health benefits and a sinfully rich flavour, feel free to eat it by the spoonful.


Organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic palm oil, organic flaxseed flour, organic hazelnut,  organic inulin (Jerusalem artichoke), organic carob flour, organic palm olein, organic refined coconut oil, organic chia seed oil, organic palm stearin, organic sunflower lecithin, organic natural flavours.

Contains: Treenuts [Hazelnut]

May Contain traces of Milk Solids, Soy, other Treenuts.

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