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Primal Kitchen Primal Fuel Vanilla Coconut, 2lb

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Cholesterol Free

Contains Probiotic

High Fiber

Sugar Free


Quick, easy, cost-effective and convenient, Primal Fuel provides balanced, healthy doses of high-quality fat, protein and carbs in a delicious and incredibly satisfying shake. It promotes and maintains lean muscle mass with 20 grams of whey protein isolate—which has the highest biological value (BV) of any protein source—in each serving. It contains the finest coconut milk as its primary source of healthy fat, which takes the edge off hunger for hours and provides exceptional nutrition. With fewer than 6 grams of natural sugar per serving, Primal Fuel helps keep your insulin levels low and helps shift your body into fat-burning mode all day long. Moreover, it’s loaded with vital prebiotics that help rebalance and re-establish a healthy gut. Using inulin from chicory, natural kelp extract and other essential soluble fibers, Primal Fuel supports healthy gut bacteria and excellent bowel health. And it’s made from all-natural ingredients! Great care has been taken to avoid artificial sweeteners and flavors, and to source only the purest ingredients. The result? The most ideal weight loss, muscle-building tool in the supplement world!* It does all this with only 190 calories per serving, making it the perfect small meal or snack. Curbs Hunger with Healthy Fats Coconut milk powder is the primary source of fat in Primal Fuel. The benefits of coconut milk have been lauded greatly over the past decade. While the main fat in coconut is saturated (which, we’re discovering has a host of benefits), it’s macronutrient profile breaks down to mostly short and medium chain fatty acids that tend to be burned for energy rather than stored as body fat. Some of these fatty acids (lauric and caprylic, for example) also have proven antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Plus, coconut milk adds a rich, creamy taste that’s sure to satisfy. Builds and Maintains Lean Muscle Whey protein isolate, the primary source of protein in Primal Fuel, is the gold standard in protein powders, because it has the highest bioavailability of any protein form. This means that it’s one of the easiest types of protein for your body to use. It is derived from milk, but retains very little lactose or other milk proteins, which makes it better tolerated than other dairy supplements. Furthermore, many studies have demonstrated the various beneficial health properties of this particular protein. Prebiotics Help Improve Digestion and Immunity While many people know about probiotics, the healthy gut bacteria that are an important part of the immune system, many people are unaware of prebiotics: the soluble fibers that act as food for these healthy bacteria. Unlike insoluble fibers (like whole wheat fibers, etc.) that generally pass through the intestines undigested and can actually harm the digestive tract, soluble prebiotic fibers like inulin and guar gum can promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and, in turn, help rid the gut of the unhealthy bacteria that cause disease. Furthermore, the fermentation of these prebiotic fibers results in the production of favorable short chain fatty acids.


Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Milk, Inulin (from Chicory Root), Guar Gum, Natural Flavors, Stevia Leaf Extract

Reviews For Primal Kitchen Primal Fuel Vanilla Coconut, 2lb


1 month ago

I wasn't sure if I would like it cause I am not a huge coconut fan (I've come a long way with my relationship with coconut over the years) Anyways I LOVE this! I use it for post workouts, or if I am super lazy in the mornings and don't want to cook breakfast! Something I will continue to buy over and over! The chocolate one is great too!

- Cynthia

Good flavour

2 months ago

Really good flavour - I usually have to add sweetener or spices to make my smoothies taste better but this one's natural flavour is good enough on its own!

- Rachel

Hands down the BEST

6 months ago

This is the best powder I have ever had, tasty and actually filling. Also you know that Primal Kitchen won't mess around with sketchy ingredients!

- Russell

Hands down the best

6 months ago

Best protein powder out there, filling and I trust anything from Primal Kitchen!

- Russell


7 months ago

Best tasting protein powder...sad its out of stock...hopefully it will be back in stock soon

- Anne-Michele Larocque

This is absolutely the best tasting protein powder!

8 months ago

This protein powder is delicious and 'clean' tasting. Expensive, but worth it!

- Linda

Great Powder!

1 year ago

A great protein powder that doesn't have any strange aftertaste. I've struggled for a long time to find a protein powder that actually tastes good and this is it! So glad Natura carries it as it can be tricky to find in Canada!

- Ash

THe BEST protein powder I've ever had!!

1 year ago

By far the best protein powder Ive ever had, great taste with the added benefits of it being coconut based are fantastic. Along with falling in line with paleo/ primal lifestyle. I'd highly reccomend!

- Itskimherself


1 year ago

THE BEST protein powder ever. Thank you Natura Market for making it accessible in Canada :)

- Brenda

Deserves more than 5 stars!

1 year ago

Amazing product buy primal. Been looking for a good price and delivery and found naturamarket! Thanks for a good great customer service! Definitely buying often on naturamarket!

- Bhavya Suri

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