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Raw Wraps Spinach, 5 Wraps

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Dairy Free

GMO Free

High Fiber

Low Fat

Low Sodium

No Artificial Ingredients

Nut Free

Preservative Free

Soy Free

Family-Owned Business

Made By Hand


New & Improved! We reformulated the wraps making them thicker, stronger, more "spongy soft" like bread, not chewy, no sticking or trouble peeling them apart. 

Raw Wraps are the nutrient dense alternative to wheat based tortilla wraps. Made with whole food ingredients. We've created a healthy wrap that won't crack when folded. Raw Wraps are loaded with the superfood spinach. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, known to boost immunity and fend off free radicals. Plus, it's loaded with Vitamin A, essential for maintaining healthy vision & skin. Add 4 grams of gut healthy fiber and you've got a nutritional powerhouse in your hands!

Raw Wraps are ready to eat. Layer dry ingredients first, followed with moist. Do not bake, broil or toast. May microwave, low heat pan fry, panini or sandwich press with oil 10-20 seconds. May freeze formed around food as in a burrito, do not freeze otherwise as they will crack if not shaped around a filling. Hand made in a dedicated gluten free & vegan facility. Expect some variation in color since we do not use any food coloring or preservatives. 


Apples, spinach, onion, quinoa, psyllium husk (fiber from the shell of a seed), coconut nectar.

Reviews For Raw Wraps Spinach, 5 Wraps

Great Alternative

5 months ago

I love the ingredients and they taste great! They hold up well when filling them and wrap well. Ideal alternative from your regular wrap for lunches

- Chantal

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