Surely Keto Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Sauvignon Blanc, 750ml

Why You’ll Love It

Surely, you're in the mood for a good time. And we've got just the thing!

Surely's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Wine is a crisp, clean, and bright sip that will make you feel like a million bucks (no hangovers here!). It's citrus-forward with soft pear and sweet apple notes that create this perfectly balanced, dry sauvignon blanc. An alcohol-free alternative to your favourite wine with all of the same great flavours. It’s the perfect drink for any occasion—or no occasion at all!


De-Alcoholized California Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Guava Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice, Passionfruit Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Acacia Gum, Sulfites (Preservatives)