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Like many, ATTITUDE founders Jean-François Bernier (JF) and Benoît Lord, wanted to better integrate products into their households that were exclusively made with natural ingredients that actually worked. Household products that were high in quality and could be purchased at affordable prices. That’s where ATTITUDE comes in. In 2006, the Montreal-based company launched eight household cleaning products. Now, as the times have changed and natural cleaning has increased in popularity, so has ATTITUDE.

Their mission is to inspire and make natural cleaning products accessible to all. They encourage families to live healthier and more sustainable lives. ATTITUDE promises to make products that are better for our bodies and the environment. How does ATTITUDE guarantee quality? Well, they started by discovering plant and mineral-based sources for their products. They make sure that all their products are free from ingredients of concern as well as making sure that they are always hypoallergenic.

ATTITUDE is Canadian-made and surpasses the Canadian quality and safety standards. All ATTITUDE bottled products are recyclable and every product and ingredient meets biodegradability, aqua toxicity, renewable supply and end-of-life environmental criteria. ATTITUDE has a wide range of products that include: body and hair care, babies, children, and products for pregnancy and nursing, household cleaners, laundry detergent, dish soaps & tablets, and even air purifiers. And let’s not forget about the most important members of your family; your pets. ATTITUDE has a dedicated grooming and household section that keeps your pets in mind. Feel better about the products that you’re using in your house. Make the switch to natural cleaning products with ATTITUDE!