About NaturaMarket

At NaturaMarket, we believe that healthy, clean eating for a specific diet or lifestyle should be easy and effortless! That’s why we’re dedicated to offering Canadians a unique food shopping experience - without the hassle of sorting through shelves in a grocery store and hundreds of products online to find foods that are your right fit. We’ve thoughtfully designed our website to make your shopping experience better for you specifically.

We’ve talked to suppliers, read the labels, and carefully sorted our products into easy to browse sections. Shop by diet(s), category, or brand to discover natural health foods and wellness products, including home & personal care, vitamins & supplements, and authentic pet food that align with your values and lifestyle!

And the best part, we ship everything directly to your front door! Just place your order and we handle the rest. Don't want to wait for delivery? No problem - come and pick it up from our warehouse in Mississauga! Healthy eating has truly never been so convenient!

What We Offer

Find a wide selection of carefully curated products from about 300 trusted brands, with more being added every week (Shop What’s New here). With everything from highly sought, hard to come by American and European brands, to supporting a variety of local Canadian brands, and offering trendy health and wellness products that are in high demand, we pride ourselves in always offering the best products at affordable prices. NaturaMarket has been a pioneer in introducing and supplying Canadians with the coolest and cleanest brands that you can’t get elsewhere in Canada, like Nutpods, Kettle & Fire, Siete Family Foods, Primal Kitchen, Elmhurst, Cali'flour Foods, Chomps, and more — and we’re always on the lookout to add more to our selection too!

Whether you’re following a Ketogenic, Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-Free, or Vegan lifestyle, it’s never been easier! We ship all across Canada, even to remote locations, where we understand that natural and health foods are harder to come by. And as always, there are a couple thank yous for shopping with us! Take advantage of our free shipping program on orders over $75 to most of Canada, and enjoy a free full-size gift with purchases over $100. Remember to collect Natura Cash for products you purchase and leave a review for.


When you shop with NaturaMarket, you are making a difference – for you and the planet! We believe that it's our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet, and we're excited to take this important step towards sustainability. That’s why when it comes to packing your order, we do it in the most sustainable way possible!

For example, we use sustainable honeycomb wrapping to ensure your glass and breakable items are safe in transit, we do not use bubble wrap or plastic bags, our ice packs are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Our team is mindful of the use of our eco-wrapping and promises to only use the amount needed and required, without excess. We have a No Additional Plastic Used Policy in place, where we ensure not to use any additional plastic, other than the product’s packaging itself, when packing your order or anywhere else in the process.

With commitment to our sustainability initiative and in an effort to bring our customers the most sustainable green delivery option, we're excited to partner with Canada Post, who shares our commitment to being more eco-friendly! With their hybrid and electric delivery vehicles, we can provide you with more environmentally-friendly shipping that’s reliable and efficient, plus they offset the carbon emissions generated by ground shipping. Together, we can make a difference!


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