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Today’s the day that you fall in love with tortillas again! Tumaro’s Carb Wise honey wheat wraps make you fall in love with its soft texture and sweet taste. But, it truly wins you over once you find out that there’s only 7g of net carbs per tortilla, 3g of protein and 8g of fibre. You can use these subtly sweet wraps for anything you imagine, from soft tacos to tortilla chips and more and earn 2 Weight Watchers Points each time. Honey, we’re finally home.

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Don’t get “wrapped” up (pun intended) in high-carb wraps, when you can enjoy Tumaro’s Carb Wise Premium white wraps! Deliciously soft wraps with only 5g of net carbs and 60 calories is exactly what you’re getting with Tumaro’s. Worth 1 smart weight watchers point, these wraps are a must-have! High in protein and fibre and yet soft and pliable, these keto-friendly wraps are perfect for making burritos, tortilla chips, and even crepes!

Life’s nothing without muffins! Now, with Wholesome Organic Hearty Oat Muffin Mix, you can live life to the fullest! This hearty oat muffin mix allows you to make scratch-quality muffins with only the finest wholesome, organic, and fair trade ingredients without all the hard work. Each of these heart-warming muffins contains 3g of filling fibre and 5g of protein--perfect for breakfast, snacking, or desserts! All you need is Wholesome’s Hearty Oat muffin Mix, eggs, butter, milk (or alternatives), and you’ll be chowing down the hearty flavours of these muffins in no time!

There’s nothing like freshly baked cornbread! Now, with Wholesome Organic Blue Cornbread Mix, you can enjoy freshly baked cornbread in 3 easy steps! With Wholesome Organic Blue Cornbread Mix, you’ll get the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients to prepare your warm cornbread and all you have to do is add an egg, melted butter, buttermilk/milk or its vegan-friendly alternatives, bake and voila! Warm, moist, and delicious blue cornbread at your fingertips!