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Add a tangy cream without any of the dairy by using ZUBI'S organic crema! ZUBI's crema is versatile and free of the top-8 allergens! Use it as a dip, to replace sour cream or to add a little sparkle to any dish! With only 6 plant-based, keto-friendly ingredients, you can be sure that you're only getting the best of the best! Use it to top quesadillas or in your favourite nacho platter!

Spice level: 2.5/4

Upgrade your chip game to restaurant-level, better-for-you cassava chips! Made with cassava root, these cassava chips are vegan, allergen-free and highly addictive! But, you’ll feel good with every bite knowing that these chips are free of added sugars, grains, dairy, soy, corn, tree nuts, GMOs and peanuts. It’s the perfect snack to cure your salty cravings.