Items of the week

We’re bringing the carnival to your kitchen with Nutpods cotton candy creamer! Made from almonds and coconut cream, this dairy-free and sugar-free creamer brings all the fun of cotton candy without all the sugar! Keto and paleo-friendly, this vegan creamer tastes just like the real thing but with fewer calories, no gluten or GMOs. One sip is all you need to bring back your favourite memories of the carnival!

Some said it couldn’t be done, but we did it. We made a keto-friendly and vegan brownie that is high in fibre, low in carbs, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and absolutely delicious. Our secret? Sunflower seed butter! That’s right, our keto brownies are fudgy and satisfying without the use of almonds. The sunflower seed butter makes our brownies extra fudgy and the dutch cocoa powder makes our brownies extra chocolatey! Our delicious healthy brownies are sweet on their own and don’t have any added sugar. Our healthy vegan brownies are everything you could have asked for and more! Don’t believe us? Bite in and see for yourself! For the most decadent chocolate experience, simply warm up your brownie and enjoy.

Life’s nothing without muffins! Now, with Wholesome Organic Hearty Oat Muffin Mix, you can live life to the fullest! This hearty oat muffin mix allows you to make scratch-quality muffins with only the finest wholesome, organic, and fair trade ingredients without all the hard work. Each of these heart-warming muffins contains 3g of filling fibre and 5g of protein--perfect for breakfast, snacking, or desserts! All you need is Wholesome’s Hearty Oat muffin Mix, eggs, butter, milk (or alternatives), and you’ll be chowing down the hearty flavours of these muffins in no time!

There’s nothing like freshly baked cornbread! Now, with Wholesome Organic Blue Cornbread Mix, you can enjoy freshly baked cornbread in 3 easy steps! With Wholesome Organic Blue Cornbread Mix, you’ll get the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients to prepare your warm cornbread and all you have to do is add an egg, melted butter, buttermilk/milk or its vegan-friendly alternatives, bake and voila! Warm, moist, and delicious blue cornbread at your fingertips!