Items of the week

We love marshmallows and we love the holidays so we created one-of-a-kind vegan peppermint-flavoured mini marshmallows! These delicious vegan marshmallows are spongy, airy, and filled with the classic candy-cane flavour you know and love! Kosher-friendly and gluten-free, you can add these mini marshmallows to all your holiday recipes worry-free! Drop them in hot cocoa, bake it into cookies, or enjoy them straight out of the bag!

Fluffy, pillowy, and soft, what could we be talking about? Why marshmallows of course! Dandies is bringing all the smiles and flavour this winter season with their cozy and delectable pumpkin flavoured vegan marshmallows. The perfect gluten-free companion to your favourite plant-based hot chocolate. These marshmallows are making quite the statement this year.

Your new fluffy buddies are made without any artificial flavours or colours, corn syrup, gelatin, or gluten. So you can have peace of mind while eating these dairy-free marshmallows straight out of the bag! Why not try adding these marshmallows to your favourite marshmallow desserts? Here are some recipe ideas to get the inspiration flowin’! You could add these pumpkin-flavoured marshmallows to s’mores bars, banana boats, pumpkin flavoured rice cereal treats, and even to popcorn balls to give them a unique flavour profile. You really can do it all with these marshmallows!