Items of the week
  • This bar is 100% cacao organic dark chocolate with organic cocoa nibs. The bar is completely sugar-free and made only from the cocoa bean. The light organic cocoa beans used in this bar mean that even at 100% cocoa the flavor is surprisingly edible despite being completely unsweetened chocolate. This is more the equivalent of an intense espresso coffee.
  • The bars are made from the bean at the source in Peru. They travel from the growing region to the manufacturing plant so it is practically tree-to-bar. The cacao is light and fruity, typical of Peruvian beans. Like all Pascha products this bar is completely vegan and dairy-free, and also nut-free, gluten free and soy/emulsifier free.
  • The cocoa beans in this bar were grown by UTZ certified farmers who are paid a premium for their beans and in return they implement better farming practices, with respect to people and the planet. The beans are bought directly from the farmers - no middle-men to siphon off the premiums paid.
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