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Everyone’s here and they’re making essential oils accessible to Every Body! Entirely vegan and made with plants, these skin soothing lotions provide long lasting hydration with fresh scents like lavender and mint, or go unscented and still feel the amazing effects of Everyone’s nourishing lotions!

Founders Susan and Brad had one thing in mind when they were stirring up a stockpot of shower gel in their garage in the early years of 1995; to make the fantastic benefits of essential oils accessible to everyone and anyone! 

Today, Everyone has thrived on the market as a botanical body care line that honors the well-being of everyone and the planet that we’re living in! With essential oils that are safely blended in effective and plant based products, Everyone’s products nourishes both your body and your mind with skin soothing and sustainably farmed ingredients and fresh, aromatic scents like lavender, citrus, and vanilla, among other favorites! And in the ever changing need for sustainable packaging, Everyone is constantly evolving both their products and packaging through countless hours of research and development, and is committed to shipping all their products in a family owned and operated, zero-waste facility!



Everyone Nourishing Lotions are cruelty free lotions made of plants, and are vegan friendly! All ingredients that are used are sustainably farmed and sourced and are packaged in 100% recycled packaging! Soothe your body and mind with these long lasting, hydrating lotions that will leave your skin feeling light and refreshed!