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Dick Duff's

Get ready to beef up your snack game with Dick Duff's Jerky! Crafted with organic beef with no GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics, seasoned with secret marinades, and an authentic rip-and-chew texture, Dick Duff's jerky is truly 'well-done'!

In 1989, the one and only Dick Duff, decided that store-bought jerky just wasn't cutting it anymore. He loved beef jerky and believed that he could make them even better. Countless hours, secret marinades, and a whole lot of trimming later, he emerged with a jerky so divine, even his friends and neighbors couldn't resist forming a line at his door.

Fast forward to 2015, and enter Jeremy and Jonathan Anderson. These jerky enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs had their taste buds forever captivated by Dick Duff's jerky as kids. With a mission to share this delicious beef jerky with the world, they struck a deal that let Dick maintain his jerky genius, all while reaching a wider audience. And thus, Dick Duff's Jerky was born. 

Made with organic beef, raised sustainably without any GMOs, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, and cut with the grain for that authentic, rip-and-chew texture you love about beef jerky! 

Are you ready to choose the best and chew on the best?