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Poppi brings the benefits of apple cider vinegar together with the flavours of real fruit juices in their prebiotic drinks. A soda that is both delicious and good for you!

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Created as a way to use apple cider vinegar and real fruit juices to create a soda that was both delicious and provided real health benefits, Poppi was born. Looking for relief from her chronic health issues, Allison, along with her husband (and business partner), Stephen, discovered that apple cider vinegar had lasting effects on her symptoms. So they got to work and started experimenting in the kitchen. They created a soda with apple cider vinegar in it and brought it to the masses. They decided to sell it at a local Texas farmers market, which proved to be fruitful, as they sold out each weekend and started gaining a following.

So many loved the taste and added benefits of Poppi. And so, it was time to expand. Allison and Stephen decided to take their prebiotic soda to Shark Tank and went on to earn themselves an investment! From Texas to your tastebuds, Poppi wants to make it even easier for you to drink to your health. With their wide range of flavours like Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Rose, Ginger Lime, Orange, Watermelon, Classic Cola, Doc Pop, Root Beer, and Grapefruit. There is never a dull moment or sip with Poppi by your side!