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Beverages & Drink Mixes

Beverages & Drink Mixes

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At Natura Market, we keep our cup half full at all times! Like many, we have our designated favourite cup or mug for all of our delicious and healthy drinks. For the summertime, we like to stay hydrated with our keto electrolyte drink, one of our delicious drink mixes (like our instant matcha latte mix) and a little bit of ice. But, sometimes we’re feeling a little extra bubbly, so a high protein sparkling drink served on ice is our calling. When we hit the gym, you know that we’re all about our plant-based protein powders and our keto protein shakes. And, we can’t forget our collagen too! We add it to smoothies, our morning coffee, fresh juices, yogurts and just about anything we can get our hands on! The collagen adds an extra boost of protein to help us build strong joints and enhances our natural beauty, so it’s no wonder why we add it to every single one of our drinks. And, if you top it off with one of our dairy-free creamers you’ll get an extra layer of creamy deliciousness. Our vegan and keto creamers are a must-have for all your tea, coffee, and barista needs. But, if you’re looking for a little less creaminess our dairy-free milk is a great choice too! If there’s one thing that we can always trust our mighty drinks to do is to stick with us through sickness and in health, which is why we rely on our adaptogen, kombucha, and antioxidant-rich drinks to get us through the tough times. However, a heart-warming cup of vegan hot cocoa or a creamy vanilla oat latte just might do the trick too! With any of our healthy beverages and drink mixes you can unleash your inner barista and discover all that your favourite mug or cup has to offer. Delicious flavours are one sip away!