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Here at Carbonaut, we're on a mission to create keto-friendly, low-carb bread taste artisanal. The perfect flavour, texture, and taste, all with high-quality, plant-based ingredients.
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A place where a low-carb diet and fresh-baked bread can live together happily? It’s a possibility that’s not so out of this world thanks to Carbonaut! At Carbonaut, we work tirelessly to expand the low-carb universe and create a keto bread that doesn’t taste like space debris. Ever since blast-off, our mission has been to create low-carb bread that tastes like artisanal bread for all to enjoy.  As artisanal bread bakers, our expectations for our keto bread were sky high, so we searched far and near for the perfect ingredients to achieve the perfect texture, flavour and taste. And after touring the universe, we discovered the perfect nut-free recipe to complete our mission. We took one small step for keto humans, and one giant step for the low-carb human-kind and launched our low-carb bread, Carbonaut! And, we’re happy to be able to say, mission accomplished-you no longer need to give up bread to live a healthier life! 

At Carbonaut, we believe that less is more so we made our bread with less net carbs, less fake stuff, more nutrients and more taste. We used the highest quality, clean, plant-based ingredients, and no fillers, preservatives or sugars to make the low carb bread of your dreams! With 3 grams of net carbs per serving, you can now enjoy low-carb, keto-friendly bread that is actually delicious. Carbonaut created an artisan-style seed bread and a traditional white bread, both sure to satisfy your bread cravings! Vegan-friendly and packed with nutrients, Carbonaut brings the same great taste and texture as regular bread, but without the load up of sugars and carbohydrates. With Carbonaut, you no longer have to worry about crash landing after eating a piece of bread - just the endless, sky-high sandwich possibilities! 

Unlike any other bread, our fluffy and soft bread allows you to stay in fat-burning mode and keeps you in ketosis! It’s also a great option for those looking to gain control over their blood sugar and insulin levels as it is full of regulating fibre and it has a low glycemic index! Additionally, the high amounts of fibre in our bread will also help keep your hunger and weight under control! Our low-carb bread can also help to reduce the inflammation in your body, fight or prevent chronic disease and help you feel more mental clarity. With Carbonaut, you can say goodbye to bread cravings, and hello to low-carb bread that is out of this universe!