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Seven Sundays

Seven Sundays

Start your mornings off the right way, with Seven Sunday! A cleaner, better-for-you breakfast alternative that is naturally sweetened with real ingredients, packed with protein, nutrient-dense, and plant-based ingredients. 

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How does a morning breakfast made with nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients and without any refined sugar sound? With Seven Sundays, a cleaner, better-for-you breakfast is your new alternative to traditional, highly processed, sugar-packed breakfast cereals. Naturally-sweetened with real ingredients things like dates and maple syrup - Seven Sunday’s cereals are deliciously sweet but without the overload! Made with carefully selected ingredients to provide maximum nutritional value, Seven Sunday’s gluten-free, paleo and vegan cereals are breakfast cereals you can feel good about eating! Free from GMOs, their plant-based cereals are made through sustainable methods and the highest level of environmental standards. Enjoy a bowl of Seven Sundays cereal, for a high protein breakfast cereal, that will leave you feeling full and satisfied so you can start your day the right way!