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Mid-Day Squares

Mid-Day Squares

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Mid-Day Bar all began after one of our founders, Lezlie, witnessed her then-roommate, Nick, eating a confectionary chocolate bar. Motivated by her love of plant-based foods, our founder Lezlie, was convinced that she could make something better. So, she did. She dove into the kitchen and created what would change her life and the lives of many forever. Lezlie’s creation combined the goodness of chocolate with the nutrition of protein bars; It was the perfect sweet and nutritious treat that she needed to get through her busy days in the fashion industry. And, it wasn’t long until she realized that she wasn’t the only one needing a midday pick-me-up. Two years later, Lezlie and her now-partner, Nick, left their jobs to share their creation with the world. After countless hours and plenty of tastings, Nick and Lezlie released “Fudge Yah” into the world--the first-ever Functional Chocolate Bar! Showered with love by their customers, Nick and Lezlie decided to bring aboard Jake, Lezlie’s brother, to make a significant impact in the healthy snacking industry. And, just 20 months after we celebrated our millionth bar sold! What makes our bars so special? We didn’t just create a functional vegan bar that is packed with fibre, protein, and sweet flavour, we created a vibe! Mid-Day Functional Chocolate Bars are everything you knew you needed, and everything that you didn’t know you needed. Take a bite and see for yourself!