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What can we say, it’s NotMilk! A revelation, not a revolution, to reinvent the food industry with one idea, one product at a time.

After learning that removing animals in the food production industry and process would benefit in helping the planet, rather than asking why, they had asked, why not? NotMilk came to be with the intention of creating and replicating the flavor and taste of products that are typically derived from animals, all without them, while still maintaining the same great, classic taste and function. NotMilk is here to create plant based products that do it all, just without the animals, and instead using things like sweet pineapple, wholesome seeds among other fantastic plant based ingredients into their products to replicate animal-based foods. So why not give NotMilk a go and see all the benefits that plant based products can offer?



NotMilk’s plant based milk alternatives are here and they’re changing the milk game, one plant at a time. Gluten-free, vegan friendly and made with non-GMO ingredients, these 100% animal free milk products are dense with protein and nutrients, making them nutritious and delicious!