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Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee and Oatly have come together to offer a powerhouse duo of a cold brew! Using oat milk from Oatly and coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee, you get the best of both worlds all conveniently packaged up and ready to serve! Have it as is or customize it yourself to get that perfect brew!

Stumptown Coffee lets you live your coffee aficionado fantasies with their devoted practices into making every sip perfect for you! Scouring the globe for the best coffee beans and appreciating the different cultivation methods, regional environments, even fruits and vegetables that lay in the same plot of land with the plants that grow coffee beans, every factor is considered and Stumptown Coffee does everything they can to ensure that they are bringing out those distinct flavors in every bean through extensive testing. Stumptown Coffee is all about finding pleasure through coffee, and asking all those questions that allow for you to have a perfect brew every time and what’s even better is that Stumptown Coffee partnered with Oatly to make their premium coffee cold brew beverages that much better! 



Stumptown Coffee’s premium coffee and Oatly’s oat milks are truly like two peas in a pod, they were made to be together, packaged conveniently in ready-to-enjoy, gluten and dairy free cold brew beverages. With three amazing flavors, enjoy your cold brew on the go, or just the way you like it!