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Verb Energy

Expand your verbs and learn a new language if you like, you’ve got the energy with Verb Caffeinated Energy Bars! Whether you’re going through your midday slump or starting off your day, Verb Energy has got you covered!

Friends and founders; Bennet, André & Matt were tired of waiting in long lines every morning for overpriced coffee and energy drinks that only did half the job of energizing them and ended up leaving them in a big plateau or crash after a few hours from the uptick in sugar intake. Rather than stick with those long lines for drinks that had big consequences, they decided to make something that was convenient and without loads of sugar, while still being able to maintain their energy levels, thus Verb Energy was born! It took years before they perfected their craft but the payout was worth it, Verb energy bars are made and designed to give you that crucial boost in energy when you need a pick me up during the midday or to start your mornings off the right way and maintain your levels without the crash so you can be focused and stay that way! 
Made with organic green tea that has just as much caffeine as an eerie day espresso to keep your mind focused and energized, Verb’s caffeinated energy bars are vegan friendly, gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients, so it’s all the good stuff about energy!