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Fueled by her kids' unstoppable candy cravings, Mika decided to wave sayonara to boring gummies and craft Issei mochi gummies. Soft, pillowy, and delightfully chewy, these vegan gummies are like a cross between gummy bears and marshmallows.

Mika, fueled by her kids' candy cravings, decided it was time to kick boring gummies to the curb. No more sugar overload, no more artificial weirdness – oh no, she dreamed of something more, something better – and thus, Issei Mochi Gummies was born!

Issei, which means 'first star' or 'one life' in Japanese, isn't just a name – it's a celebration of first-generation Japanese immigrants. These little bites are inspired by the treasured mochi desserts of Japan, but with a twist–it’s a fusion of Japanese culture with a dash of American innovation. Mika wanted her children to taste the spark of life in every bite, fostering not just a love for delicious snacks but a deep appreciation for their Asian roots and culinary traditions. Soft and pillowy, yet delightfully chewy, these vegan mochi gummies will have you saying, "Arigatou, Mika!"