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PhD Performance Nutrition

At PhD Performance Nutrition, they’re all about maximizing all the efforts you put into making your body and mind thrive from the day to day to the long long term goals that you set out for yourself. For any time of day, PhD Performance Nutrition has got your back!

Fueled by science and working through creative and innovative ways to maximize consumer’s efforts in both their long and short term goals, PhD Performance Nutrition came to be with the intention to be everyone’s go to brand of health and wellness products that will provide both boosts of protein and energy needed to reach those goals! After dedicating years to the optimization of their product range to fit any and every fitness goal and researching the science going into each of their ingredients, PhD Performance Nutrition’s snacks not only taste better but they work better too! Whether you’re gaining muscle, getting leaner, or just focusing on eating better, PhD Performance Nutrition will help you in every stage! 



High in protein and low in sugar, PhD Performance Nutrition’s smart bars are the perfect on the go snack that will give you that boost of energy and protein to fuel you throughout your days! In fun and delicious flavors like Cookies & Cream and Dark Chocolate Raspberry to name a few, you’ll tackle those sweet tooth cravings without the crash from excess sugar!