Lundberg Family Farms Organic Thin Stackers Brown Rice Fine Herbs, 168g

Why You’ll Love It
These are not your ordinary rice cakes–these are Lundberg’s thin brown rice cakes! These deliciously light and crispy gluten-free rice cakes are made from organic brown rice that's popped and puffed to perfection. But what sets them apart is the delicate blend of fine herbs - basil, oregano, and thyme - that gives them a wonderfully aromatic and savoury taste that’ll take your snacking game from boring to brilliant! With each bite, you'll experience a symphony of flavours that’s delicious on it's own or piled high with your favourite toppings and spreads.

Organic brown rice, Sea salt, Organic marjoram, Organic basil, Organic oregano, Organic thyme, Organic savoury, Organic sage