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Come one, come all, because Amy’s Kitchen has got a seat and a warm bowl for you! Wholly organic and gluten-free, these vegan friendly soups and chilis are the perfect thing to make in a time crunch, just shake, pour, warm; if you want, and serve!
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In 1987, soon to be parents Andy and Rachel Berliners scoured for vegetarian and organic foods that satisfied their taste buds, but after a fruitless search, they decided to make something on their own! With Rachel expecting and on bedrest, Andy was determined to make something healthy and delicious, with their first product being a pot pie, which was sold locally and made by hand straight out of their home, but after receiving a flood of handwritten thank you notes, Rachel and Andy saw just how much potential they had in their hands and how many people who, like them, were looking for organic, wholesome foods to enjoy! 

Soon, Amy’s products began to appear in local stores, and with more letters and requests, now new parents Andy and Rachel, and their adorable daughter Amy’s, the namesake of Amy’s Kitchen, went to make these requests of allergen free or gluten free foods a reality for those who were also struggling to find options in the markets! 

What was once a small idea in a small kitchen space had bloomed beyond the couple’s wildest expectations, but of course, even with all the changes and growing of their farmers, suppliers and people, the spirit of Amy’s family mission never wavered, and is at the core of every single product they make - to make organic, wholesome, and delicious foods that anyone can enjoy!



Amy’s Kitchen soups and chilis are vegan friendly and gluten free, and are proud to be organic before organic became cool, as when the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided to set a criteria for organic standards, Amy’s Kitchen was looked to as a reference! 

Amy’s Kitchen is proud to continue their mission of making delicious, organic and vegetarian foods that everybody can enjoy!