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Silver Hills

There’s something over on the Silver Hills, and it’s sprouted grains! Silver Hills organic, sprouted whole wheat and grain breads, buns and bagels are here and they’re serving up all the nutrients and proteins you’re looking for!  

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In 1989, a trio of friends and family had opened up a different kind of bakery with the mission to empower people by providing them with a healthier choice of bread that was made with sprouted grains, and to this day, they are still going strong with this message. At Silver Hills, they believe that by caring for yourself and the planet, greater changes can be made in the world, and they’re doing this, one sprouted grain at a time! Every Silver Hill product comes with their guarantee; to make their artisanally crafted breads with 100% plant based ingredients which promote lasting wellness for any type of life, whether you’re lifting weights at the gym on the daily or powering through those afternoon meetings. Explore all the benefits that sprouted grains can offer with Silver Hills products!



Silver Hills organically made breads, bagels and buns are made with sprouted grains and within Canada’s first ever non-GMO bakery! High in both protein and fiber, their breads are truly one of a kind and the grains used within are nothing but the most nutrient dense kinds, each carefully sprouted in old Canadian waters!