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We're sick of mainstream "remedies" that are packed with artificial ingredients and come with nasty side effects. Call us crazy, but we think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your values to feel better.

That's why we're on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet - and save the bees while we’re at it. (Yes, we believe in dreaming big.) Whether it's low energy, a scratchy throat, or brain fog, we all need an extra dose of TLC sometimes. When that time comes, you should be able to trust that the remedies in your medicine cabinet are safe, clean, and will actually work. That's where we come in. We're changing the game by holding the medicine cabinet to a higher standard. By pairing the most potent natural ingredients with scientific research and rigor, we craft the clean remedies you can rely on — every day.

But here's the crucial bit: we’re obsessed with sustainability.

In addition to giving the conventional medicine cabinet a clean sweep, we are dedicated to raising awareness and creating a better environment for our world's most important pollinators - the bees. Before it's too late.

What is Bee Propolis?
Propolis is a plant-derived substance gathered by bees to build and maintain their hive and a healthy colony.

Propolis has it all! It is made up of essential oils, organic compounds, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and E, multiple minerals such as Calcium and Potassium, and polyphenolic compounds, all which contribute to its healthy superpowers.

Propolis has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years to maintain good health, but why?

Propolis provides tonnes of health benefits! It is a natural remedy, treating and preventing countless diseases with its anti-disease properties.

What are the Health Benefits of Bee Propolis?
Bee Propolis has been reported to have various health benefits related to the health of our gut, mouth, skin, and immune system.

Here are 7 natural health benefits of bee propolis:

  1. Propolis is a Natural Probiotic: Propolis supports gut health by helping to eliminate and stop the growth of the parasites and bacteria that can cause intestinal infections, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating, or nausea. It may even help treat stomach ulcers.
  2. Propolis is a Natural Antibiotic, Antiviral and Antifungal: Propolis prevents unhealthy bacteria and virus from spreading, growing and making you ill. Propolis is a great alternative to antibiotics. It has been proven to be effective against many pathogens including E. coli and Staph aureus. It is also an excellent option when treating the growth of unhealthy bacteria that are resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Additionally, propolis has anaesthetic properties, which provide quick relief! 
  3. Propolis Keeps your Mouth Healthy: Propolis fights plaque-forming bacteria, gum disease and bad breath. 

Bonus: cleaning your toothbrushes with propolis will keep your mouth healthy and your dentist will be impressed.

  1. Propolis can Help Fight and Prevent Cancer: Propolis has antitumor properties which may be able to protect you from cancer. It also may be able to treat cancer as it can destroy cancerous cells and stop them from multiplying, without destroying healthy cells.
  2. Propolis Prevents Wrinkles, Treats Acne and Heals Wounds: Propolis influences your body to produce more healthy skin (collagen) and close wounds quickly. It can treat acne through its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis has even been used to treat eczema.
  3. Propolis is a Natural Antioxidant: Propolis can destroy bad and damaged cells that cause stress to our bodies and can cause disease. It is able to protect against many diseases including heart disease.
  4. Propolis is a Natural Anti-inflammatory Agent: Propolis can destroy cells that cause inflammation and prevent inflammation from occurring. Propolis may even help treat more than just rusty joints; it may help treat inflammation in the brain.

Is Propolis Safe to Use?
Yes! Scientists agree that it is easily tolerated by the body and non-toxic unless administered in large amounts. 

Most scientists consider 70 mg/day of pure propolis a safe dose.

How To Use Bee Propolis?
You don’t need to venture out into the forest anymore and put yourself at risk of bee stings. 

Using propolis has never been easier!

Beekeeper’s Natural Propolis Throat Relief Spray is a convenient and effective way of relieving your sore throat. And, it comes in a kid-friendly version too! 

Naturally sweeten your life and improve your health with Beekeeper’s Natural B. Powered Superfood Honey! It is Paleo friendly, gluten-free and completely natural. Incorporate it in honey-glazed donuts, tea, or honey-garlic wings and more! The possibilities are endless.