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Better Bears

Better Bears

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Our story begins after our founder, Garrett Downes, took a trip down the candy aisle. Garrett, a serious candy enthusiast, was on a mission to find a healthy and low-calorie candy that would satisfy his candy craving without leaving him filled with guilt. Unable to fulfill his mission, he set off on a new mission: to create a naturally sweetened gummy bear that was both low in calories and packed with flavour. When creating Better Bears, Garett knew that his products had to be a modern take on candy, zero waste, and guilt-free; He had to feel good about eating and offering his healthy gummy bears to his customers. After years of research and taste testing, Garrett landed on the perfect healthy gummy bear recipe that would satisfy candy cravings without compromise--and Better Bears was born! At Better Bears, our mission is to provide guilt-free candy snacks for the health-conscious consumer with a nagging sweet tooth. We are a sustainable food brand in British Columbia that produces vegan-friendly and low-sugar candy that you can feel good about eating and throwing out afterward. We are committed to the health of humans and the environment, so we designed our healthy gummy bears to be zero-waste, gluten-free, plant-based, and free of added sweeteners and sugar alcohols. Unlike any other brand, we use natural sweeteners and think like a kid to give you the best flavour and texture possible! We look forward to making enjoying gummy bears an everyday experience for you!