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Le Seltzer

Le Seltzer

Looking for the perfect bubbly drink to enjoy with your meals? Look no further than Le Seltzer’s natural sparkling waters! With that kick of bubbly that pairs well with any meal, and rich, natural flavours, you’ll be set for your drink menu with Le Seltzer’s beverages!

Made with the love of all things bubble water, Le Seltzer came about from the minds of two brothers, Noah and Sam Bick, who are passionate about seltzer and its connection to their childhood and their jewish montréal roots! While they weren’t raised on seltzer, the brothers can always remember it rather predominantly when they were growing up, and it has always been their drink of choice in any occasion. So Noah and Sam took their mutual love of seltzers and decided to create a brand that everything they love and a little bit more with Le Seltzer! With bold, natural flavors and just the right amount of carbonation in every can, now you too can fall in love with seltzers just as Le Seltzer’s founders!  



Le Seltzer’s keto-friendly sparkling water is made with 100% natural flavours! Made and packaged in Montreal, Le Seltzer came to be from a love of seltzer and is revamped with bold citrus, sweet, and tart flavours, all blended together with just the right amount of carbonation. Vegan and paleo-friendly, these seltzers are the perfect accompaniment to any dish, and on any occasion!