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Bramble Hill Farms' microgreens kits bring farm-fresh goodness right to your fingertips! Packed with nutrients and flavour, we're shaking up boring traditional salads with our fresher-than-ever microgreens! It's time to go green with Bramble Hill Farms!

Welcome to Bramble Hill Farms, where we're sowing the seeds of deliciousness and redefining the way you think about greens!

Ever felt like your salads were missing a little oomph? Tired of the same old boring lettuce routine? Frustrated that your leafy greens go limp before you can even eat them? Well, Bramble Hills Farms’ Cathy Munro has got something special in store for you. With a heart as big as her Nova Scotian farm, and a passion for all things leafy, Cathy is on a mission to revolutionize your plate and make healthy eating a whole lot more green! 

Bringing the farm to your fingertips, these microgreens kits are the ultimate (green) thumbs-up, making it easier than ever to grow your own microgreens right in the comfort of your home. Packed with nutrients and flavour, every little leaf is a lean, mean, green machine! From spicy radishes to a tender broccoli mix, Bramble Hill Farms’ microgreens kit are unbe-leaf-able!