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Oh, mind goodness! Cerebelly’s here with 16 key ingredients that help in early brain development for all the kiddos out there! Their organic, vegan-friendly smart bars are both delicious and nutritious!
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As a passionate, hardworking neurosurgeon, Teresa Purzner had always had a love for the brain, and what first started out as finding a better way to treat pediatric brain cancer turned into a fascination with all the different facets involved when it comes to optimal brain development. After becoming a mother herself, she realized just how important optimal brain development was in the early stages of life, especially now looking at these things through different lenses, and one of the biggest determining factors was early life nutrition! Thus Teresa, yearning for the convenience of premade food, but realizing that what was on the shelves didn’t match her needs, she made her own one of a kind food brand that can satisfy growing brains everywhere!   



Every Cerebelly product has brain-supporting ingredients to satisfy all tummies and minds alike! Organic, vegan and made with non-GMO ingredients, Cerebelly’s products are meticulously sourced and rigorously tested to make sure to maintain all the good stuff while keeping out all the unnecessary things like artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients. With 16 essential nutrients that support the early development of the brain, Cerebelly’s got your kid’s back (and their brain).