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Ready for popcorn with a twist? Introducing Eatable! The gourmet, gluten free popcorn that tastes like champagne, margaritas, whiskey or cocoa, depending on what you want! It’s a party popcorn that’s delightfully sweet and flavourful!
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Eatable came about from a couple who had bonded over their love of Cabernet Sauvignon at a wine tasting tour, who then learned that they were both also passionate about healthy and conscious eating! After falling in love not only with wine, healthy eating and each other, they decided to make something that marries the two things they loved; their Cabernet Sauvignon and healthy eating and thus created Eatable. Now, Eatable’s line has expanded to include fun and unique flavors like Whiskey on the Pops, Coconut Lime Margarita and Birthday Cake Pops to name a few! Eatable is all about indulgence without the guilt or after buzz, it’s a snack inspired by happy hour with none of the alcohol, but still retains the classic, great taste of cocktails that you love! Enjoy every day, little celebrations every time with Eatable by your side.



Eatable gourmet popcorn is gluten free and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Their cooking process eliminates all of the alcohol while still retaining the essence and residual flavor notes from all those spirits, wines and cocktails that you love!