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Remedy is long-aged brewed, sugar-free, small-batch kombucha that's full of live cultures, probiotics and antioxidants. 

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As seasoned home kombucha makers, Remedy’s founders, Sarah and Emmet, knew that they were onto something when visits from friends and family were motivated by a desire to have some of their delicious kombuchas. Sarah and Emmet felt that the world needed their sugar-free kombucha but were hesitant to start their journey due to instabilities in their home life. Sarah and Emmet had no experience in the drink industry, but they were confident that their keto and paleo-friendly kombucha drinks would make a splash! One day, Sarah and Emmet took a leap of faith and landed on what’s now known as Remedy! Sarah and Emmet transitioned from their kitchen onto bigger things creating long-aged brewed, small-batch kombucha drinks full of live cultures, probiotics, organic acids, and antioxidants for all to enjoy. Remedy’s mission is to make healthy, tasty, and easy. And, with their no sugar, vegan, nutritionally-dense kombucha drinks, it's safe to say, mission accomplished.