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Freestyle Snacks

Freestyle Snacks

Freestyle Snacks are here to satisfy olive your snacking needs! Marinated, restaurant-style olives conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch so you can snack on olives any time you crave it! No more hassle and no more brine, just seasoned olive-y goodness!

In the wake of the pandemic and stores shutting down, Freestyle Snacks CEO Nikki Seaman found herself in a predicament because the olive bars that she’d frequented had been one of the places that had unfortunately had to shutter its doors closed. Thus the hunt for the olives Nikki fell in love with had to be found in the traditional olive aisle, but her searches yielded little satisfaction. There was no comparison to the marinated, restaurant quality olives she’d come to love, not to mention trying to get into the jars, dealing with the brine that got everywhere! So Nikki decided to pay homage to the olive bars that she loved, reimagining ways to enjoy olives in a convenient way, thus Freestyle Snacks was born!



Freestyle Snacks were made for the modern olive lover, who loves to munch on juicy, marinated olives without fighting through tough to open jars or sticky brine to clean up after pulling out an olive. Conveniently packaged, marinated to perfection, Freestyle Snacks pitted olives come in a variety of flavors that’ll make your mouth water!