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With Freshii, nutritious, accessible food, and an eco-friendly impact are at the forefront of their mission. Founded in 2005 by Canadian entrepreneur Matthew Corrin, they are dedicated to making healthy eating easier, accessible, and more delicious than ever. Natural, whole foods are at the core of their recipes, providing high quality dishes in a constantly expanding and evolving menu. Leading with nutrition, it’s hard not to fall in love with healthy eating all over again. And fell in love they did; since their founding in 2005, Freshii has gone on to open over 300 locations in 85+ cities, across 20 different countries! Their mantra ‘Eat. Energize.’ says it all. Focusing on eating nutritious foods that fuel and make you feel good, Freshii takes the healthy foods you crave, and elevates them just a little bit more. 

It doesn’t just stop at delicious, healthy recipes. Freshii is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, with their Mission Green mantra; being good to the earth wherever possible! Freshii encourages the use of recyclable and eco-friendly products whenever possible, including their hundreds of restaurants. All of their packaging (bowls, cups, takeaway bags, you name it!) are made from biodegradable plant-based resin, or are easily recyclable. This includes their famous salad shaking bags - made from the same biodegradable plant-based resin, these disposable bags allow their stores to reduce their carbon footprint for these recipes compared to most dishwashers, by 5-7 times! On top of that, their stores are designed to use eco-friendly building materials or options wherever possible. They truly care for health, wellness, and their impact on the environment. 

Delicious, nutrient-dense food, eco-friendly awareness, with a mission and mantra you truly can get behind. 

Eat. Energize.