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Green Sahara

With flavours derived from the continent of Africa, Green Sahara chips allow you a small taste of their home in a convenient snack! Crunchy and delicious, these plant-based chips are the perfect way to treat yourself when you’re craving a snack!
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When Green Sahara’s founder Derin moved from her home in Lagos, Nigeria to Oklahoma City, what she and her family missed the most was the foods and flavours that they had enjoyed from back home, and Derin found that these flavours were not always readily available in the US markets. Whenever they would go back home, Derin and her family would often pack their luggages full of vegetable soups, spices and other ingredients not so easily found in Oklahoma, and that’s when Derin realized that more often than not, most people on her flights did the exact same thing, all struggling to find the flavours that they’d grown up with. So Derin decided to do something about it!

Using a blend of spices and recipes that she’d grown up with, Derin brought the many different flavours of the countries in Africa to a wider food community and the reception from those who were in similar situations and those who were trying out these flavours for the first time all were positive! Thus Green Sahara was quickly born and continues to flourish with the flavours that Derin and her family had grown up with, and her mission is to continue to bring these delicious flavours from the African continent to a bigger audience so that everyone can enjoy a little taste of her home in theirs! 



Green Sahara African-style plant-based potato chips are vegan-friendly and yield sweet and savoury spices of the African continent! These crispy potato chips take you on a journey with their African spices and heat and are perfect for the adventurous snacker who wants to be taken on a flavour tour!