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Health Garden is here to give you some extra love AND sugar with their line of all natural sugar substitutes!

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About Health Garden

Joel Phillip was the manager of a health food store, and noticed how unhappy customers with diabetes and other chronic conditions related to sugar consumption were. Joel then made it his mission to “Bring a little sweetness into their lives!” This is how he founded Health Garden, where the first line of low-glycemic, all-natural sweeteners were developed. They are now the only company that offers their customers a full line of low-glycemic, non-gmo condiments and sweeteners! 

Health Garden believes that positivity and a healthy outlook work hand in hand. That’s why they make the happiness of their customers their priority, by offering them all natural and high quality products!

Health Garden Products

Health Garden products contain no artificial additives or chemicals! Their products are vegan, all natural, low glycemic, and non-gmo! They carry a variety of sugar substitutes with no artificial ingredients or fillers! Health Garden only sources the highest quality ingredients to use in their products!