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If you fancy yourself some seed snacks, then we have a seed-cret to share with you; try Joey’s Nordic Seed Crisps! Made with organic ingredients and high in protein and fiber, these super seed snacks are just the thing you need for your seed cravings!

Made from a part time “amateur” farmer as he coins himself, Joey’s Nordic Seed Crisps was founded and created by a foodie named Joseph! After spending 15 years devoting his life to working across an expansive amount of food companies like Kraft, Hershey’s, and McDonald’s to name a few, Joseph used his knowledge as a consumer strategist to get and stay in the know about what was trending in the food world and created something for himself and the masses to enjoy. During his travels to Sweden in 2019, Joseph was inspired to create his brand after discovering the wonders of crisp bread for the first time. He’d fallen in love with it, but was a bit dismayed when he found that most crisp breads were wheat-based and thick. Since he follows a gluten-free diet, he decided to recreate the recipe for crisp bread while aligning with his household’s dietary needs and after three years of hard work, he’d finally completed a product that had everything he needed and took it to the masses, where we can now enjoy it too!   



Joey’s Nordic Seed Crisps are gluten-free, thin and crispy seed snacks that are made with a number of super seeds! They’re ketogenic, made with organic ingredients and are high in protein, so if this isn’t a super snack, we don’t know what is!