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Thirsty Buddha

Feel as peaceful as Buddha with Thirsty Buddha’s plant based sparkling waters and sodas! Made with real, non-GMO ingredients, Thirsty Buddha is here to quench your thirst so you can enjoy your days as peacefully as possible!
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From the minds and souls of 3 life long friends, Thirsty Buddha came about from a passion for healthy living without having to compromise on great taste. Marrying these two concepts together was a tough feat to overcome, but co-founders Christopher, Mark and Michael, pooled their knowledge together to bring products with wholesome ingredients that not only provided nutrients to their bodies and minds but also tasted great because they all had made mindful choices in what goes in their bodies and what fuels them throughout their days and didn’t want to compromise that. Thirsty Buddha was founded on no compromises so we can continue to live as our best selves!



Thirsty Buddha’s plant based prebiotic sodas and waters are the quenchers you need throughout your day! Made with non-GMO ingredients, and with low sugar to no added sugar, you can enjoy natural wellness with these beverages! Bottled and canned for your convenience so you can take them on the go anywhere life takes you!