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More Granola

More Granola

MORE fun! MORE taste! MORE crunch! It’s More Granola! These plant-based granola chunk snacks are t-OAT-tally worth every bite!

About More Granola 

Sarah, the founder of More Granola, wants to make eating healthy fun and flexible! As a consumer, Sarah used to purchase boxes of granola and just pick out the chunks. She always thought that the bigger chunks of granola were the best parts of these boxes anyways. After years of developing her own signature recipe, Sarah made the decision to release the product of her dreams! 

More Granola’s mission is to inspire people to appreciate natural flavours, as well as endorse finding joy through food. They believe that nutrition and indulgence go hand in hand, and they encourage people to eat more of the foods they love + enjoy! 

More Granola Products

More Granola wants to provide people with treats that they can have in a variety of ways, making snacking delicious AND convenient! Their extra-chunky granola is a sweet treat bursting with natural flavours! More Granola chunks contain minimally processed ingredients that taste just like homemade granola! 

More Granola snacks are plant-based and made in Canada. You can munch them, dunk them, and break these chunks, making them the perfect snack for you to enjoy!