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When life’s pulling you in every direction and you need a snack break, find ease in knowing that when you’re munching on some of The Low Carb Co.’s super snacks, it’s all natural. Take one less thing to stress about, and say goodbye to fine print and asterisks on labels with the wholesome snacks of The Low Carb Co.!

At The Low Carb Co., eating healthy and low card is their way of life! Busy moms and founders Daniella and Michelle wanted to make the low carb lifestyle more convenient after discovering not many choices in their pantries. Fueled with determination to make nutritious, low carb and delicious snacks, they set out on a journey and thus The Low Carb Co. was created! Say goodbye to filtering up and down the aisles at the grocery stores, reading through countless labels for low carb friendly ingredients, The Low Carb Co. has got your back for all your low carb needs! 

The Low Carb Co.’s philosophy is healthy eating with no compromises whatsoever, no more worrying about hidden ingredients, no more stressing about time reading through that fine print, just pure transparency, simplicity and deliciousness. For busy moms, dads and everything in between, these super tasty superseed snacks will help anyone along their dietary journey! These high in protein, dairy free artisan crackers are the perfect thing to take on the go, wherever life takes you, so get ready to start feeling amazing about snacking because The Low Carb Co. is changing the snacking game!    


The Low Carb Co.’s snacks are made with no preservatives or secret ingredients, just all natural foods, and a little love and care. The Low Carb Co. 's are keto friendly, low carb and made with no added sugars! These crackers are a super way to start that super day!