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Tired of going up and down those grocery aisles in search of natural, and convenient breakfasts and snacking choices for your little ones' lunch boxes? Look no further than NOLA, the gluten-free, vegan-friendly, nutrient-dense option that yields the same great taste of the snack bars that you’ve come to love, only with none of the artificial ingredients, just real, natural goodness!

NOLA founder and mother of 3, Julie, like many parents out there, scoured the grocery shelves for nutrient-dense, high-protein, no sugar and not to mention delicious snacks and foods for her and her little ones, only to come up fruitless. She was only able to find products with ingredients that she couldn’t even pronounce or loaded with sugars, and other ingredients that she’d felt wary with, and realizing that she was not alone in the continuous search for healthier snack options, she set to instead just make her own! So, she took to her own recipes, and after years dedicated to making and perfecting these products, NOLA, which is what her youngest child calls granola, was born!

Julie knew that NOLA could also be the answer for so many parents and families, including her own, when it came to finding healthier snacks, and now, NOLA continues to be the gluten-free, vegan-friendly alternative that parents everywhere are using for breakfasts and snacks! No more confusing labels, NOLA pancakes and granola bars are made with a mother’s love, and wholesome ingredients, and doesn’t compromise on taste whatsoever! No matter what your day looks like, NOLA will have your back as a convenient and natural snack for lunch boxes everywhere!  



NOLA is the perfect way to start your day with their buckwheat, gluten-free pancake mixes and their vegan-friendly snack bars that can give you or your little ones a great boost of energy in the afternoon lull. Made with real, wholesome ingredients, and full of natural goodness, NOLA is a response to every parent’s question of having healthier, real options for their families!