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Nut-Free Chocolate Factory

Nut-Free Chocolate Factory

Chew, chew, all aboard to the Nut Free Chocolate Factory! Don’t fret if you don’t have a golden ticket, all that you need is a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate to get on this train!
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Nut Free Chocolate Factory is a family business with a clear goal in mind: to make chocolates for those who have peanut and tree nut allergies without compromising on its delicious taste. Dip into the chocolate rivers and immerse yourself in delectably sweet, nut-free and organic chocolate from the Nut Free Chocolate Factory, and don’t worry about having a golden ticket, anyone can enjoy these silky, smooth confections! Get your family and friends together, or treat yourself with these chocolate treats, there’s no Wonka way to enjoy these! 

At Nut Free Chocolate Factory, quality assurance and nut allergen safety are their main concern. They use absolutely no peanuts, tree nuts or allow them in their facilities, and they work hard to research all their raw ingredients to ensure that their sources are made within peanut and tree nut free facilities and are not a risk for any cross contamination. Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices, they test samples of all of their gourmet chocolate to ensure the highest quality and nut allergen safety. Enjoy the ease of knowing this delicious chocolate has top tier assurances so that you can simply indulge yourself in it! 


Nut Free Chocolate Factory’s WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise Certified) chocolates are made with Certified Fair Trade Organic chocolate and contain absolutely ZERO peanuts and tree nuts. From raw ingredients to a ready made chocolate, quality assurance and nut allergen safety is maintained for these sweet, gourmet chocolates.